Keep intensity high, volume low.⁣

Give your body a reason to get stronger. This is done with high loads. Extra volume will add unnecessary fatigue and take away from the strength focus - which can sometimes be necessary depending where you are in your training

Separate your strength and endurance sessions ideally by 1 day or at LEAST 6hours.⁣

Too close together and you will dilute the stimulus and send mixed signals to the body resulting in poor adaptations in both areas.⁣

Train like an athlete, EAT like one too.⁣

Fuel your body like the engine it is. This means plenty (and more) of nutritious food, a whole load of protein, and enough carbs to feed a family of 4.

Take your recovery seriously.⁣

Stop neglecting the 22 hours a day outside of training, that’s where the magic happens. Sleep well, reduce external stressors where possible and learn to breathe properly.⁣

Do these 4 things well and you’ll soon be making some rapid progress towards your hybrid goals.