From Mr Great Britain and Mr International to two times IFBB Pro Asia Grand Prix Champion, Arnold Classic Pro Champion and many other Champion titles, Ryan’s regime can’t be far off perfect. Now that gyms have reopened, we take a dive into the notorious Ryan Terry’s Supplement Stack as he prepares for an unprecedented Mr Olympia 2020.

Whether you’re new to the gym or claim to be a seasoned veteran, supplements are a key talking point in the land of iron and benches. With your gym owner pushing the newest preworkout in front of your face to your best mate swearing on his sister’s boyfriend’s uncle’s life that you should be downing a pint of apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning, it’s easy to get confused in the wonderful world of supplements.

With over 10 years of bodybuilding experience and hearing all the myths around food and supplements, Ryan Terry sticks to a strict stack of supplements to help him tighten the already non-existent waist, widen his shoulders, and unveil the Adonis-like abs, ready to throw down on the Olympia Stage in Las Vegas. It is important to remember that supplements are exactly that – they supplement a good training plan, a good diet, and a good mindset; they are the icing on top of the cake.

Firstly, what is a “stack”?

In bodybuilding it is common to use multiple supplements at once, whereby certain ingredients work together to help you get the most out of you. Some supplements work better together and are synergistic (work better together) others are antagonistic (work worse together) others when combined work just the same as when taken independently. We can take advantage of this and alongside a good diet, take our training to the next level.

Got it. So what is Ryan’s stack?

Ryan’s stack hasn’t really changed over the last few years when starting a competition prep and has 4 fundamental supplements:

Whey protein… where would bodybuilders and fitness fanatics be if it weren’t for protein?! Derived from milk and separated from the curds when making cheese, it is high in protein, low in carbs and almost no fat. Whey protein is fast absorbing and contains all the essential amino acids (EAAs) that your body cannot take in on its own and so must be found from a dietary source. There has been A LOT of studies and research completed on whey which has shown to support muscle recovery. Over time and in combination with resistance training it has also been shown to support muscle building.

So why USN Blue Lab Whey?

Blue Lab Whey contains whey protein from concentrate providing a high amount of protein but also Whey Isolate which has even more protein, so you are getting an even higher amount of protein per gram of whey. It also has even smaller amounts of fat and carbohydrates and some cholesterol and lactose. Finally, to ensure you start absorbing protein as quickly as possible to start your recovery Blue Lab Whey also contains hydrolyzed whey which is whey isolate being broken down into much smaller pieces for rapid absorption.

Taken from the man himself:

 “I would take this first thing in the morning and post workout… It’s about getting the nutrients back into the body as quick as possible”

Being our best tasting Whey to date with 8 flavours to choose from and sitting at only 130kcal per serving it’s a must-have in your supplement stack.

 What’s Complete Amino Acids? What’s so complete about them?

Both pre and intra supplement which contain branch chained amino acids (BCAAs) and essential amino acids (EAAs) and under 1g of sugar – very little calories. BCAAs and EAAs are what build proteins and help begin a process called muscle protein synthesis in other words, repairing muscle fibres, and making them stronger/denser/more of them. Taking on amino acids can help prevent muscle breakdown as well as making hydration a lot easier with tasting amazing. You can even add Complete Amino to preworkout to guarantee you’re getting your daily dose and helps make sure you don’t forget to consume it and ensures you’re getting all your essential amino acids that the body can’t produce on its own.

“I have taken these from the very start of being with USN… for me I wouldn’t take that [Complete Amino] out”

How does Ryan workout so often??

Next on the agenda is preworkout. (Magic powder that wakes up the Ryan Terry in you!)

3XT PUMP. When Ryan is feeling a bit fatigued and needs an extra boost his go to preworkout MUST be 3XT PUMP. With a good doses of ingredients L-arginine, L-citrulline  malate and 200mg of caffeine it‘s a sure fire way to push you through any gruelling workout (*cough* legs *cough*) and give you a skin splitting pump all at once, figuratively speaking of course. It really is at home in the Hardcore range and brings meaning to the title. Though a word of caution if you are sensitive to caffeine as Ryan is it will keep you awake! It’s potent and even for a big guy like Ryan use when you’re feeling tired and need that extra boost – it will provide it!

Umm Creatine Anabolic? What’s that then?

Finally, Ryan’s staple supplement no matter the time of year is Creatine Anabolic. Great to take any time of the day but for Ryan it’s got to be his intra, sipping throughout his workout. As creatine does attract water it pulls it where it needs to be which is in the muscle it can add water weight and can be scary whilst dieting but after a few days of taking it out of your diet that can be dropped.

Some even cycle it throughout the year (especially in those summer months where, if you’re English, it’s shorts on shirts off as soon as it hits 14°C and the suns out).

Even on his Mr Olympia journey Ryan will keep creatine in in, keeping the muscle full until it’s the time to really strip back and really reveal the striations, the hardness, and the definition of his winning physique. With the added carbs this an all-in-one creatine supplement helps the transportation of creatine to something called the creatine pool as well as various vitamins and minerals to help contribute to normal protein synthesis and muscle functioning and many other benefits.

And there we have it.

A quick insight into Ryan’s supplement stack which he adopts pretty much all year round, making minor changes when he needs to really look like an upside-down shredded triangle. But it doesn’t end there, remember to nail your training and your diet, and get plenty of sleep!