Within the supplement world we talk a lot about whey protein and how it can benefit us… but casein tends to be mentioned significantly less. This is due to the fact that casein does actually contain less BCAAs and EAAs than whey, however this doesn’t make it inferior.

Due to its slower digestion rates than whey, casein actually has some beneficial features particularly as a bedtime protein source.

Research has indicated that consuming casein before sleep has shown to increase the body’s rate of muscle protein synthesis during this overnight recovery period. This is due to the body being placed in a positive net protein balance during this period, supporting the skeletal muscle adaptive response to resistance training.

In addition to this, consuming casein before bed could also have benefits for those undertaking fasted training early in the morning to ensure that the muscle protein levels are sufficient.

Sleep quality itself is also an important consideration for athletes and so the consumption of any nutrients before bed that can help support with improving sleep quality can be beneficial.

Have you considered using casein in your regime?

Article by: Arc Performance Nutrition