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    Slim Shake Meal Replacement

    Delicious complete nutrition with all you need to achieve your transformation goals.

    • 200 calories
    • 21g high protein
    • Choose from 3 delicious flavours
    • Nutrient-rich and high in fibre
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  • TONE

    Lifestyle & Fat Metabolising Support Drink

    Made with natural ingredients, these keto and vegan friendly drink sachets are formulated to help you hit your lifestyle and body composition goals.

    • Zinc contributes to metabolism support
    • Helps alertness and stamina
    • Mood support with vitamin B6
    • Natural ingredients: goji berry and yerba mate
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  • GLOW

    Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

    Enjoy the age-old benefits of apple cider vinegar in a great-tasting gummy that helps support your wellbeing and lifestyle.

    • Folic acid and B12 supports immunity
    • With the mother: natural probiotic
    • 1000mg apple cider vinegar per serving
    • Supports your lifestyle wellbeing
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