All Goals, All Day, All Nine Aminos

All Goals, All Day, All Nine Aminos

All Goals, All Day, All Nine Aminos™

Every person has a different set of goals that they want to achieve each day. These goals might be as small as taking the stairs instead of the elevator to lose weight or pushing yourself for five extra minutes during a training session to gain muscle mass. Irrespective of what your goals might be, your body needs protein—specifically amino acids—to perform various physiological functions.

Back to the basics: what are amino acids? 

Also referred to as the building blocks of life, amino acids are the molecules that combine to create proteins. These molecules comprise 20 organic compounds categorised according to non-essential or essential amino acids. Non-essential amino acids are produced by the body and do not have to be added to your diet, while essential amino acids (EAA) cannot be produced by the body and must, therefore, be added to your diet. Of the 20 amino acids that the body needs to function properly, 11 are recognised as non-essential and nine as essential. Three of the nine essential amino acids are branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

What are branched-chain amino acids?

Thanks to their unique chemical structure, branched-chain amino acids are metabolised directly in the muscles and not in the liver, resulting in quicker recovery and increased energy.

Branched-chain amino acids consist of three essential amino acids known as leucine, isoleucine and valine.


Leucine is a branched-chain amino acid essential for protein synthesis. It is also known to improve brain activity and help prevent muscle breakdown and recovery.


The body uses isoleucine to regulate blood sugar levels. Isoleucine is known to increase insulin excretion, helping the muscles take in more sugar from the blood, ultimately decreasing blood sugar levels.


This branched-chain amino acid produces energy and helps to restore tissues and cells. It also supports the nitrogen balance of the muscles and stimulates muscle growth and recovery. Valine is also involved in energy production.

Why add essential amino acids to your diet?

Even though amino acids might be a popular term in the fitness world, the benefits of these organic compounds are not restricted to individuals who exercise. From a fitness point of view, amino acids can help to repair damaged muscle and build new muscle. In contrast, from a health and wellness perspective, amino acids can help regulate the immune system, assist with calcium absorption, encourage skin elasticity, and assist with the synthesis of neurotransmitters and hormones.

Nine Aminos Flavours

USN’s Nine Aminos, the full spectrum of BCAAs and EAAs

USN’s Nine Aminos™ is the ultimate sugar-free stamina, hydration, and lean muscle recovery supplement with a 2:1:1 ratio of 5 g naturally fermented branched-chain amino acids and additional essential amino acids. Nine Aminos™ contains coconut water powder and electrolytes for hydration and nerve function. The added magnesium can help improve the body’s electrolyte balance for the ultimate workout hydration. Glutamine and taurine can enhance physical performance. The perfect ratio of ingredients helps to increase strength, improve hydration, provide more stamina, and recover faster. 

What does the perfect ratio of ingredients do?

  • L-glutamine prevents muscle soreness and aids with recovery.
  • Electrolytes and coconut water powder hydrate the muscle and prevent cramping.
  • Magnesium helps maintain proper electrolyte balance to improve athletic performance and recovery. Magnesium also plays a crucial role in muscle function, including relaxation and contraction. It helps reducing muscle cramps, soreness, and fatigue, which is particularly beneficial for athletes or individuals engaging in strenuous physical activities.
  • Sodium helps regulate the balance of fluids in the body's cells and bloodstream. It ensures that water is retained in the right proportions inside and outside of cells, preventing dehydration and maintaining proper cellular function. Sodium is one of the primary electrolytes in the body, alongside potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These electrolytes work together to maintain electrical neutrality and proper function of cells and organs.
  • Taurine stimulates the metabolism, as it helps the liver to create bile salts that break down fatty acids in the intestines. Taurine also encourages the muscles to function properly and helps to protect the muscles against damage.


Who can use Nine Aminos™?

Nine Aminos™ is not limited to a specific demographic. Whether you are striving to improve your general health and wellbeing, push your body to its limits with endurance training, improve your performance as a sport athlete, or grow muscle mass, you can achieve all goals, all day, with Nine Aminos™.

Visit our website to purchase one of the four delicious Nine Aminos™ flavours.


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