Breakfast is typically the meal you eat first, in the morning before you start your day of working to capacity. We’ve heard the old wives tales before like “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, “You’ve got a big day, you need to eat more this morning” and “It’ll keep you from eating rubbish between meals”. Whilst some of these are true, we are not concerned with those items, we are concerned with how a good breakfast impacts your exercise routine and your body.


If you read the so-called sayings in the previous paragraph, you can see that the statements aren’t exactly accurate but, they are along the right lines. Breakfast isn’t THE MOST IMPORTANT meal as all meals surely have to be as important as each other but, what people mean when they say this is that, it serves an important purpose; getting your digestive tract and metabolic functions to wake up. It just so happens that when you get out of bed and need that time to adjust to being awake, your organs and bodily functions also need wake-up time and not eating a breakfast can hinder that process.


Aside from the vital process of getting your metabolism to kick-start, eating a sufficient and healthy breakfast can provide lower bad cholesterol levels, lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, lower the risk of heart disease and also has that satisfying, full feeling. Food also means calories and energy which, as you probably know by now, means feeling better and more on top of your game. Let’s also remember it helps drop any additional fat held in the main store-up areas for men (stomach) and women (hips).


Let’s say you’ve read this article and you’ve convinced yourself that you want to start eating breakfast… what’s next? What should I eat and what should I avoid? Check out these basic guidelines below:

DO: consume fruits containing natural sugar, they will give you energy to buzz on with throughout your day.

AVOID: biscuits, cakes and crisps – They contain too many additives that will do a lot of tiny energy spikes and increases but needs to be sustained by something else to keep it up, such as carbs or proteins

DO: eat grains, such as wheats, cereals, breakfast biscuits (not like the ones we mentioned to avoid), They slowly release energy for you to use throughout your morning.

AVOID: Innocent Smoothies … Seriously, they aren’t so innocent, check the added sugar content if you don’t believe us.

DO: occasionally indulge in a fry-up, eating them every day is bad for you due to the amount of processed meats, but should you ever feel super depleted by the weekend, or be struggling from a “rare hangover” then eating things like Bacon, Sausages and Eggs will do wonders for you. Bacon especially contains about 10g of protein per rasher so imagine what 3 rashers, a couple of sausages and an egg would do for your protein count.

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